This book is bound to be a beloved favorite for young and old alike!

This delightful book is driven by a sweet poem written by Abbie’s sister Cam where animals ask a woolly bear caterpillar what they should do to prepare for the upcoming winter.

“Woolly bear. Woolly bear. Crawling in the grass. Tell me. Tell me.  How will winter pass?”

It is accompanied by Abbie’s engaging illustrations and informative text that shares the science of what each animal does to prepare for or adapt to the harsh winter world.

Originally published by Wind Ridge Books in 2016, the small publisher went out of business and Abbie and Cam have been self-publishing since.

You, too, can treasure this special book … it is available for purchase at Catamount Bed and Breakfast in Williston, The Old Mill Craft Shop in Jericho, with special order from your local book seller, and directly from Abbie (see Contact page for details).