November 18, 2018 admin

“Birds of Catamount” Series – On View & On Sale!

After a long hiatus of making, I have now completed a series of illustrations titled “Birds of Catamount.” These illustrations showcase some of the many varied species of birds at a place very dear to my heart: our family farm in Williston.  Presently, my parents are realizing their dream of conservation for their property and to create a Town Forest.  Catamount Community Forest will be a continued natural resource for all who have loved her – animals and people alike.  In this series, I celebrate the diversity of birds found on this amazing property.  All the birds illustrated are on the Catamount Outdoor Family Center Bird Check-list compiled by the Green Mountain Audubon Society.

These works are on view at the Brownell Library through the month of November and are featured in the Works > Illustrations section of my website.

It is with great pleasure that I am selling these works now through December to raise funds for the conservation of the property, and will direct $65 of the total $100 price of each of the larger (11×14″) works and $50 of the total $75 price of each of the smaller (8×10″) works to this cause.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these works, please let me know… but act fast, the Owl is already sold!

I will consider commissions for this cause as well through the month of December.