July 29, 2016 admin

A Slice of (my) Life!

So, I’m exhibiting something a little different this time as part of the following show… the intent of the show is to offer a “slice of life” of an artist.  Since I see art everywhere, I have really been loving the different “set ups” my kids do with their toys.  Occasionally, I photograph them … this series is called “As they left it…” and the piece on display as part of this group show is titled “Coffee with John and Mabel”  … curious?  Guess you’ll just have to pop down to see it!

‘A Slice of Life: Everyday Experiences & Snippets of an Artist’s Life’

When: Through Aug. 31
Phone: 802-859-9222

A group exhibition featuring works in a variety of mediums that offer a glimpse of the artist’s life, from the most intimate to the most public moments.